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"'...That time during Super Junior’s concert in Bangkok, they stayed at the same hotel with me. The room Shindong was staying in was right below mine."
Kyuhyun asked, "You even remember the rooms location?'"

Sitting side by side on the sofa in one of the Super Junior dorms, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun were watching the rerun of Radio Star. It was a rare day that both of them had no schedule. Other members and managers were all outside tending to activities, and left the two maknaes in the dorm.

As Kyuhyun was enjoying the show, Ryeowook suddenly stood up from the sofa and walked into the kitchen. He searched around the kitchen and found what he needed in the cabinets. Annoyed, Kyuhyun walked into the kitchen and asked impatiently, "What are you doing Ryeong? I am not hungry yet. Let's finish the show together first!"

Ryeowook turned on the stove and replied without looking, "I suddenly remember that I need to make the special pasta for Kyungsoo today."

Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo, and Kyungsoo... Kyuhyun frowned at Ryeowook as he folded his arms across his chest. He absolutely hated hearing that name from Ryeowook's mouth. He asked impatiently, "Why out of all days you have to cook for him today? It is our day today. Yet you have to devote your time making pasta for D.O."

Ryeowook put down the knife and looked at the pissed Kyuhyun. He grinned and comforted the angry maknae, "It will only take me an hour. I promised Kyungsoo that I would make him the special pasta when EXO has their first win. I need to keep my promise."

"What about your promise to me?" Kyuhyun yelled back, "When has D.O. become more important than me?"

Ryeowook rolled his eyes. He knew perfectly how Kyuhyun could get in terms of jealousy. He poured out a cup of orange juice and handed it to Kyuhyun. He said, "Have a drink and take a seat at the sofa. I will be with you right away."

Pouting, Kyuhyun ignored the cup and returned to the living room. He sat restlessly on the sofa. He swore that the worst thing that had ever happened to SM was the debut of EXO.

The doorbell suddenly rang from the outside. Ryeowook shouted from the kitchen, "Kyuhyun-ah, can you go get the door?"

Kyuhyun stayed glued to the sofa. The doorbell continued to ring without stopping. Ryeowook turned down the stove and rushed to the door. As the door opened, a hands-filled Donghae stood at the middle. He urged, "Ryeowookie, please help me take the two bags from my left hand."

Ryeowook immediately took the two bags from Donghae. He shouted, "Kyuhyun-ah, come and help!"

Ryeowook closed the door with his foot and went into Donghae's room with him. Kyuhyun, completely annoyed, walked into the kitchen and peeked into the pot. A brilliant idea suddenly popped into his mind. He went to search for hot sauce and black pepper from the cabinet and poured them into the pot. A wicked smile was shown on Kyuhyun's face.

He quickly returned to the living room and pretended nothing had happened.

After Ryeowook returned to the kitchen, he looked into the pot and stirred the sauce. He took out a container and laid the pasta carefully. He then poured out the sauce from the pot. He looked triumphantly at the pasta. He took out his phone and texted, "Kyungsoo, I have made you the special pasta today. Are you at the dorm right now?"

A reply came back almost instantly. The message said, "Ryeowookie Hyung, I am at the dorm right now with the members. Thx so much for the pasta! You can come visit us at anytime. :)"

Ryeowook smiled at the message. He clicked reply and wrote, "I will be there in an hour." He returned to the living room and found Kyuhyun nowhere to be found. He shrugged and went back to the kitchen. He decided to visit the EXO dorm now.


"Ryeowookie hyung!" D.O. greeted Ryeowook when he opened the door. He remarked, "You are so quick!"

Ryeowook walked into the dorm and put down a bag on top of the dining table. Baekhyun and Chen entered the living room and greeted Ryeowook politely. Ryeowook smiled back and said, "You guys have no schedule today?"

Baekhyun answered, "Kris hyung and Luhan hyung are at the company. The rest of us are at the dorm today." As he finished, Lay and Tao also walked into the living room.

Ryeowook took a seat and said, "You all can come try some of the special pasta I have made for Kyungsoo." He lifted three boxes out of the bag and gestured the EXO members to sit down around the table.

D.O. returned from the kitchen with sets of silverware. He handed the members the utensils and said, "Ryeowookie hyung, I feel bad that you had to use your precious time to make food for us. You are already so busy with group and solo activities."

Ryeowook shook his head and said, "I promise to award you guys when you have the first win. Congratulations by the way!" He patted Chen on the back.

Lay smelled the pasta and asked, "Can we try some?"

Ryeowook nodded happily and said, "Yes! Come on, dig in you all."

The EXO members tried a spoon of the pasta. Almost at the same time, they spat the pasta out. Lay said, "It is spicy! And tasted funny!"

Ryeowook looked at them confusedly. He had a bite at the pasta and spat it out quickly as well. He put down the fork and said angrily, "Cho Kyuhyun!"


Heechul touched his stomach and commented, "I am so hungry! Where is Ryeowook?"

At that moment, Ryeowook walked into the dorm and shouted, "I am back!" He just returned from the Kiss the Radio KBS studio.

Delighted, Heechul beamed at his personal chef and said, "Perfect timing Ryeongu! I am so hungry that I can swallow the entire elephant. Make me something now."

Suddenly, Kyuhyun came out from Ryeowook's room and added, "I am hungry too! I want food."

Ryeowook glanced at Kyuhyun and thought of something. He replied, "I have pasta from this morning. I can heat it up for you guys." He headed to the kitchen and turned on the stove.

Kyuhyun knitted his eyebrows and complained, "I don't want pasta. I want something else." He stood outside of the kitchen observing Ryeowook.

"Don't be so picky, Kim Kyu! I am starving!" Heechul took a seat at the table and got ready to eat.

After fifteen minutes, Ryeowook took out three plates of pasta and landed them on the table. He sat down across from Heechul and said, "Food is ready."

Heechul immediately dug into his plate. He praised, "This is great! Ryeongu, you are the best!"

Kyuhyun stared at his plate skeptically. He finally took a bite at the pasta and immediately spat out the food. He complained, "This is not edible!" He stood up from the table and left the kitchen.

Heechul commented, "Is something wrong with him? This is delicious."

Ryeowook smiled and replied, "He got what he deserves."


When Ryeowook entered his room, he found the wallpaper of his laptop changed to the selca of Kyuhyun and him. He frowned at the jealous maknae and asked, "Why did you change my wallpaper?"

Sitting on Ryeowook's bed, Kyuhyun looked sleepily at Ryeowook. He said, "I like this picture better." He yawned.

Ryeowook took a seat in front of the laptop, and changed the wallpaper back to the group photo of EXO with him at Kiss the Radio. He asked without looking back, "Why are you at the dorm? Should you be at your house?"

"I am staying here tonight," Kyuhyun lie down and started to drift to sleep.

Ryeowook went to the bed and shook his head at the sleeping Kyuhyun. He whispered, "This is my bed."

Kyuhyun opened his eyes and said, "I don't care."

Shrugged, Ryeowook grinned at the nasty maknae. He thought to himself, "How did I put up with this jealous boy all the time?"

He laughed and went to the bathroom. Before he walked away from the bed, he whispered, "I love you, jealous boy."


I love jealous Kyu! LOL~
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