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Latte and Biscotti

Cho Kyuhyun loves to visit the Einstein Coffee Shop at the street corner by the Lilac Lane. Every time, he will order his favorite coffee, caramel latte, and favorite snack, chocolate biscotti. He will always occupy the small table by the glass window. It is a place where he can spend a few hours in front of his laptop.

He always picks the small table by the glass window for a lone reason. From there, he can observe the counter and kitchen. He can take glances of a special someone.

Yes, he loves to observe his special someone. He is a fair-skinned young fellow with a pair of small shimmering eyes. He always prepares his caramel latte to the perfection. And he must add that the latte always retain a taste of sweetness.

He has requested for no sugar on multiple occasions, yet the sweet taste is still there. He often wonders the reason why.

Maybe because the coffee is prepared by him. Just maybe...

The routine continues everyday. Kyuhyun will sit at the small table sipping his coffee with the special someone bringing him his biscotti.

His name is Ryeowook, as the nameplate pinned on his uniform said. Kyuhyun wonders if Ryeowook has ever taken notice of him.

Things remain the same until one day when Ryeowook is not at the counter when Kyuhyun walks into the coffee shop. He goes up to the counter and asks, "Is Ryeowook absent today?"

The young lady standing behind the counter replies politely, "Yes, Ryeowook has called in sick today. He should be back in a few days. What can I get for you today?"

Kyuhyun shrugs and orders his usual drink and food. He sits down at his table and begins to worry about Ryeowook. He wonders if he is really sick that he has to miss work.

The latte tastes dully that day and the biscotti is bitter. Kyuhyun frowns at his laptop and is unable to concentrate the whole day.

Three days pass by without Ryeowook in his life. Kyuhyun gets impatient and has not smiled for a long while. He begins to lose hope and cannot sleep well at night.

It is not until the fourth day that Kyuhyun finds happiness again. Upon walking into the store, Kyuhyun immediately notices Ryeowook standing behind the counter. He quickly gets up to the counter and says, "You are finally back!"

Ryeowook smiles and replies, "Yes, I am back. I was out for three days due to a fever. I am now back to work. What can I get for you today?"

Kyuhyun beams brightly and orders his usual drink and snack. He pays the order and returns to his favorite table. He finds himself stealing quick glances at Ryeowook once in awhile.

When Ryeowook brings the latte and biscotti to Kyuhyun's table, he puts down a piece of paper beside the coffee cup. He bows and walks away.

Kyuhyun picks up the paper and reads the message, "Do you miss me?"

Kyuhyun grins at the message. He takes a sip from his coffee and waves at Ryeowook. Ryeowook approaches his table and asks, "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"I have two complains. One, my coffee tastes really sweet despite my request of no sugar. Second, I found a note beside the cup. Is this from the chef?" Kyuhyun pretends to be angry.

Ryeowook smiles and replies, "If you desire, I can make you another cup of coffee. And I will relay your message to the chef." He starts to walk away, before being pulls back by Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun grabs Ryeowook's tiny wrist and says softly, "Where do you think you are going? I haven't finished with my complains."

Ryeowook asks curiously, "What else can I help you with?"

Kyuhyun grins and answers, "I just want to give an answer to your question. I miss you so much."

The two stare at each other sweetly. Ryeowook mouths a message, "Same here."


My first attempt on an AU. A short but sweet piece. Hope you have enjoyed! Comments are highly appreciated. :)
Tags: au, kyuwook

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