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The Legend of EXO (Part 1 of 2)

Wearing a heavy expression, Kris checked on the monitor as beeping sound continued to ring in the background. Hurried footsteps suddenly came from his back. As he looked behind him, he noticed his warriors had gathered around him. He saluted and announced in a sullen tone, "The EXO planet has suffered from tremendous damage. It is going to self-destruct in 10 minutes."

The warriors looked at each other and shared a thoughtful glance. Their leader, Suho, spoke up, "Kris, please initiate the operation and send our souls to another planet."

"I will do so," Kris returned his attention to the computer and said to the microphone, "Computer, please initiate operation XOXO. This is K-1 speaking."

He pressed a button and said, "Members, please take your seat and fasten your seat belts."

The members took their seats and closed their eyes. An electric shock went through their bodies as an explosion occurred that shattered the planet...


"Luhan!" Xiumin shouted. He walked toward a huge tree and stopped beside a young man.

Luhan nodded at Xiumin and returned his gaze to the withered tree. He said concernedly, "Without the water power of Suho, the tree of life is going to die soon. And we all are going die too."

The symbol on the back of Xiumin's right hand flashed. A blanket of ice covered the tree and slowly melted into the plant. He said, "My power of ice is too weak. We have to find Suho as soon as possible."

"As well as the others," Luhan added.


Luhan and Xiumin took a seat inside the spacious auditorium. They were chatting about the assignment when two young men walked in and sat about ten seats away from them. The younger one kept staring at Luhan, as if he had known him from before.

Luhan widened his eyes as he whispered, "They are Sehun and Kai."

Xiumin looked at the twosome and nodded. He said, "They didn't seem to be approachable."

Indeed, Kai was glaring at them with anger, in which Luhan and Xiumin were taken by surprise. Luhan knitted his eyebrows and said, "We have to find a chance to talk to them."

"Maybe after class?" Xiumin suggested.

Luhan looked into Sehun's confused eyes and replied, "Yes."


Kai was sitting at a small table with Sehun at the cafeteria. Luhan and Xiumin slowly walked up to the table. Xiumin asked, "Can we join you guys?"

Sehun replied quickly, "Of course-"

"I don't think so," Kai interrupted when Luhan was pulling out a chair.

Getting annoyed with Kai's behaviors, Xiumin shot Kai a warning gaze and said, "We are just trying to be friendly. What do you have against us?"

Kai sat back against his chair and said slowly, "I don't want to get involved in any of your activities. Please leave me and Sehun alone."

"But it is your duty," Luhan replied with emphasis on last word. He continued, "The tree of life is dying. If we don't find Suho by the end of this month, when Sehun turns twenty, we will all die."

Sehun asked curiously, "Who is Suho? What does it have to do with my birthday?"

Luhan looked into Sehun's eyes and explained, "Suho is our leader. He and Kris have sent our souls from the EXO planet all the way to here. We need to find him."

Kai bit his lips and said, "But what use does it do? Even if we bring the tree of life to the original state, EXO planet cannot be saved. I would rather die than living on earth."

Xiumin offers, "But we can live on earth and use our special powers to save this world."

Kai laughed as if he just heard a joke. He said bitterly, "This world is so corrupted that it does not deserve saving. I am not using any of my special power to save any person in this world." He stood up and pulled Sehun with him. The twosome disappeared into the crowd...


"He is so stubborn, just like the way before," Xiumin grunted as the two of them returned to their apartment.

Luhan said gloomily, "Once he has made up his mind, he is not going to change it."

"But I remember he listened to Baekhyun and D.O. back then. If only they are here," Xiumin lamented aloud.

"And Sehun? He looked lost," Luhan questioned. He lifted the crystal ball from the table with his mind and added, "I wonder what happened to them beforehand?" The symbol on the back of his hand flashed.

Sighed, Xiumin sat down on the sofa. He saw images of the twelve of them faded in the crystal ball. He answered, "We have to find out. Let's go to the registrar’s office."


Kai was sitting on a swing when Luhan approached him. His symbol flashed, and he teleported to the other side of the playground.

"Stop! You know I can never catch up with you if you use your power," Luhan said in a begging tone.

Kai teleported again, finally stopped in front of Luhan. He challenged, "What do you want now? I have already declined your request to rejoin you. Just leave."

Luhan used his mind and lifted Kai off the ground. As Kai was floating mid-air, Luhan said, "I know you guys had a bad childhood growing up in the orphanage. And Sehun lost his memories when he suffered from the life-threatening fever at the age of five. But please reconsider. We are a team. We are one."

Kai scoffed and said, "I hate the life of a warrior. So stop bothering us. And let me down!"

Luhan let Kai back on his feet. The symbol on the back of his hand became dark again. He finally said, "Fine, I will leave you guys alone, until I find Baekhyun and D.O. and they can talk some sense into you."

Luhan ambled away angrily...


Sehun studied the back of his hand. Slowly, he closed his eyes. A strong wind blew into the room through the opened window, causing every loose item in the room to fly around. His symbol continued to flash as the wind became stronger.

Kai tried to open the door to Sehun's room, but was stopped by the strong wind. He shouted, "Sehun, stop that now!"

Sehun opened his eyes and things returned to normal. Kai got into the room and reprimanded, "How many times have I told you to not use your power?"

"Yet you use yours all the time to run away from stuff! You are only older than me by three months, but you keep on scolding me like I am your son," Sehun challenged.

"Sehun-ah, listen to me. We are just trying to live a simple life. We don't want to ever get involved with EXO matters again. Do you understand?" Kai persuaded.

Sehun shook his head. He argued, "No. Luhan hyung is right. It is our duty to find the other members and restore the tree of life."

"So your memories have returned?" Kai asked with surprise.

"Yes! They are back the day when we met Luhan hyung and Xiumin hyung. We have to listen to what they say," Sehun insisted.

Pissed, Kai simply replied, "Fine."


The sky suddenly became dark as Luhan and Xiumin walked into the crowded time square. They looked at each other and shared a thoughtful glance. Luhan muttered, "I sense danger is imminent."

After he finished with his sentence. A helicopter came crashing down from the sky and aimed directly at the central building.

"No!" Xiumin shouted.

At that time, Sehun appeared with Kai behind him. He summoned a strong wind that blew the helicopter away.

Luhan then took charge and controlled the helicopter's direction. He slowly moved the helicopter and placed it on top of a pile of mud.

The four of them ran towards the helicopter. They found all of the passengers and the pilot had suffered from serious injuries.

At the time, a fifth person entered the helicopter. He stopped in front of the pilot and started to chant, "Chiu chiu chiu."

The wounds of the pilot had healed suddenly. He became conscious again and thanked his rescuers.

The mysterious person turned to look at the other EXO warriors. Xiumin shouted when he finally could see the man's face, "Lay, it's you!"

Lay nodded and said happily, "I am so glad to see you guys. Please help me to heal them."

His unicorn symbol continued to flash as he healed up the rest of the injured passengers. As the five EXO members returned to the ground, they noticed a dragon flying towards them. Lay waved at the dragon and shouted, "It must be Kris! K-1!"

The dragon slowed down and stopped in front of the five men. A young man jumped off the dragon and smiled at his members. He said with his husky voice, "I am so glad to see you guys again."

"Kris!" Luhan shouted with enthusiasm. He went up to give Kris a hug.

Kris let go of Luhan after a minute. He said, "Now we have found six members. But we still haven't found Suho yet."

The other five nodded in silence. Kris encouraged, "Don't give up quite now. I have located the presence of Baekhyun, Chen, D.O. and Tao. They are currently residing in Hong Kong. Baekhyun, Chen, and D.O. have formed a group named the BCD. They are a singing trio performing trot songs. They are quite famous and popular now in Hong Kong. I will go and find them. Lay, I will leave the rest with you."

"Yes, Kris. Be safe," Lay urged.

Kris grinned in acknowledgement.


Lay stood in front of the tree of life. The unicorn symbol flashed as Lay put a spell on the tree. The tree slowly revived but stopped before recovering entirely. Lay sighed and said, "We still need Suho's power to fully heal the tree."

Lay turned to meet his members and said, "Let's go to Kris's house. I have something to show you guys."

They arrived at an aged mansion. They went into the living room, and sat around the spacious room. Lay turned on the projector, and it showed a clip of telling the story about the origins of EXO planet and tree of life. Then, it showed a map. Ten circles were flashing on the screen, indicating the positions of the ten known EXO members. Lay explained, "So the only ones that we could not identify from this sensor are Chanyeol and Suho."

Kai bit his lips and asked, "So can you explain to us what really destroyed the EXO planet back then? I only remember about SM planet invading and damage the core, but I don't know the details."

Lay nodded and explained, "Yes, it was SM planet who tried to invade us for our natural resources. We warriors tried to defend the planet by fighting against them. However, their army was too strong. We couldn't do anything at last but to see the planet self-destruct. Back then, leader Suho and Kris decided to send our souls to another planet so we can live on in our next life to continue our duty. That is the reason why we are reborn as humans."

"Wonder what is this SM planet? Could they come to invade the earth as well?" Xiumim questioned.

Lay shook his head and answered, "I don't know, but I suspect they are already on earth."

The five of them fell into silence...


My first attempt of an EXO story. Story is to be continued in Part 2. Enjoy. :)
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