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The Legend of EXO (Part 2 of 2)

D.O. belted his last line of the song. Then, the three of them bowed to the cheering audience. They walked down the stage and entered the backstage. Background crew greeted them with cheers and laughter. They returned to their room and shut the door. Baekhyun flexed his muscles and said, "I am so tired!"

Tao, who was waiting inside the room, said, "Hyung, you guys did great!"

Chen pated Tao on his shoulder and said, "You must have been bored."

"No, I am not. I was just playing with time just minutes ago," Tao said playfully.

"No wonder I felt like it has been a year during the performance. Stop messing with time when we are performing, Tao!" Baekhyun scolded.

Tao shrugged and sat down on the sofa. Chen went to get a drink from the distilled water system, when the lights suddenly went out in the room. D.O. asked, "What happened?"

Baekhyun closed his eyes. The symbol on the back on his hand flashed, and a light began to shine from his palm. He lighted the room and said, "Maybe the lights went out because of the weather. Let's ask manager hyung to fix it."

Before he could exit for the door, a man jumped down from the ceiling. He pushed Baekhyun away from the door. The door suddenly flung opened when three muscular men walked in. They shouted, "Are you guys BCD?"

Tao asked, "Who are you guys?"

"Get them!" The leader of the three men yelled. They dashed into the dark room and began to attack the boys.

At this time, the unidentified person grabbed Baekhyun and Tao and ran out of the room. He shouted, "D.O. use your strength to block the men. Chen, come this way."

D.O. lifted the sofa up with his power, with his symbol flashing bright. He threw towards the three intruders. Chen grabbed D.O. wrist and ran away with him. They sped up to catch up with the three men in front. When the five of them reached a window at the end of a hallway, they looked down the window and found nowhere else to go except to jump out. Chen asked, "What do we do now?"

"Dragon!" Kris shouted after opening the window. His symbol flashed when the dragon appeared outside of the window. They jumped down to the dragon before the three men arrived at the window. The dragon flew away as the three men shouted at them.

The leader grunted and said, "I will notify Mr. Lee."


Chanyeol checked on his watch. It was ten minutes until midnight. He sneaked around a dark building. He noticed two guards outside of gate. He flashed his symbol and blew flames at the two men. The two men fainted on the spot. He checked on them and figured it would be safe to enter the building.

He took one of the access cards from the fainted guards. He opened the gate and stepped into the garden. He stopped in front of the huge door. He tapped the access card and the door slowly opened. He wandered into the huge building and stayed alert. Two guards were walking towards him, when he crawled behind a table. He waited for the men to pass before making his way down another hallway. When he finally reached a room, he noticed Suho sitting inside it. He whispered, "Suho hyung, it's me."

Suho turned around and stared blankly at Chanyeol. He said, "Who are you? What are you doing in here?"

"I am Chanyeol, C-2," Chanyeol answered in desperation.

"C-2?" Suho questioned. His eyes suddenly flashed in red. He shouted, "Perfect! I have been waiting for you." He flashed the symbol on his hand. A gush of water appeared out of mid-air and came rushing toward Chanyeol.

Chanyeol backed off and duck away from the water. He yelled, "Fire!" A flame surrounded himself to protect him from the water. However, Suho's second attack extinguished the flame around him.

Chanyeol ran out of the room and dashed for the exit. A stream of water hit him as he exited the door. He was entirely soaked. He rolled around the garden and aimed for the gate. He finally reached the end of the street when he saw a taxi. He waved at the driver and entered the vehicle. He said, "History Street please."


Luhan handed Chen a glass of water and said, "So you guys are finally here."

Baekhyun nodded and said excitedly, "We are almost complete. Now all we need is for Suho hyung and Chanyeol to join us."

Suddenly, a soft knock came at the door. Luhan went to the door and opened it. To his surprise, he found an unconscious Chanyeol on the ground. He shouted, "Chanyeol!"

He lifted Chanyeol up and brought him back to the living room. Lay stopped in front of Chanyeol and casted his healing power on him.

Chanyeol slowly opened his eyes. As he saw his members around him, he smiled and said, "I am finally here."

Kris grabbed Chanyeol's hand and said, "Welcome back bro."

Chanyeol laughed and replied, "It has been so long since I have seen you, Kris. You still look the same like before."

Sehun spoke up, "So have you gotten a chance to meet Suho hyung?"

Chanyeol nodded bitterly. He said, "I saw Suho hyung inside of the Lee Mansion. He seemed to have been brainwashed. He attacked me with his power."

All the members gasped at Chanyeol's revelation. Kai asked, "Then what's the point? We are all going to die without Suho's hyung."

"We will go rescue him," Kris said determinedly.


The eleven young men gathered outside of the dark building. Kris suggested, "Tao, stop time with your power. Kai, use your power to teleport all of us inside the building."

Tao closed his eyes and stopped the time surrounding them. They formed a circle around Kai, with each member holding their hands. Kai flashed his symbol and teleported with his members.

They reappeared inside the building. They were standing inside a grand hall. They looked around and found Suho and a middle-aged man in front of them. Tao resumed time and shouted, "Suho hyung!"

"So you guys are finally here. I have waited for two hundred years," the middle-aged man said. He added, "I am Lee So Man."

Kris glared at Lee So Man and said, "I don't care who you are. Give us back Suho, before we start to attack."

Lee So Man laughed and said, "I can't believe you are threatening your creator, K-1."

Kris knitted his eyebrows and asked, "What do you mean?"

Lee So Man walked around the room and explained, "I was the original creator of the EXO planet. I hand picked the twelve of you to become the EXO warriors. I was training another girl group when the counsel decided to dispel me off the planet. I drifted in space for a thousand years before settling in an empty planet. I raised my army and came back for my revenge."

"You monster! You destroyed our planet!" Baekhyun shouted in anger.

"Yes, and now I will finish you all off!" Lee So Man threatened. He turned to Suho and commanded, "S-1, kill them."

Suho nodded obediently. He flashed his symbol and summoned a river of water. The water quickly surrounded the members. Xiumin shouted, "Freeze!"

The water immediately froze at the spot. "Lightning!" Chen yelled, sending a light bolt from the ceiling. It shattered the ice and crashed at Suho.

Suho fell back on the ground. Lee So Man shouted and said, "All powers to Suho!"

The symbol on Suho's hand changed into a circle. His red eyes widened as he sent a flame of fire to the members. Kai teleported and appeared behind Suho. He put his hand on Suho’s shoulder and begged, "Please stop hyung!"

Suho picked up Kai by his collar and threw him at Luhan. The two of them stumbled across the floor. Luhan used his mind to control Suho, yet Suho deflected the power with his own mind power.

Suho stared around the room and challenged, "There is nothing you guys can do to defeat me. Surrender now and I can grant you guys an easy death."

"No Suho, stop right there," a voice similar to his own demanded. Suho looked up and noticed a shadow of his own talking to him. He said, "It is your duty to protect the members and the planet. Return to your clear mind now!"

"Ah!" Suho grabbed his head and yelped in pain. He dashed toward Lee So Man and shouted, "Lightning!" A thunderbolt jolted from the ceiling and struck both Suho and Lee So Man.

Lee So Man fainted and dropped to the ground.

Wounded, Suho fell down and rested on Kris's lap. Kris touched Suho's forehead and shook him, "Hang in there leader. We need you."

Smiling, Suho greeted his members, "So glad to see you guys after so long. I miss you, Kris."

Lay kneeled down before Suho and performed his healing. However, there was no change to Suho.

"It's no use, Lay. The power only works on other humans, not us," Suho said sadly.

Lay cried and asked, "Then what can we do?"

Suho's symbol flashed one last time as it transformed back into a droplet. He took a golden drop of water from mid-air and put it into Kris's hand. He said, "Take this drop of golden water back to the tree of life. It will revive the tree instantly. And you guys will be able to survive."

"Suho hyung! Please don't leave us!" Sehun rushed forward and hugged Suho lightly. He sobbed, "I want you here when we celebrate my birthday. Don't leave us!"

Suho shook his head. His eyelids slowly closed up as his hands fell to the ground.

"No!" All of the members shouted.

Holding his heart, Luhan requested, "Members, gather your powers on me. I will awake Suho from his sleep."

As Luhan finished with his request, all of the members closed their eyes. Their symbols flashed one by one as their powers were transferred to Luhan. Luhan whispered, "Wake up, Suho."

A gush of water began to cover Suho. As the water subsided, Suho opened his eyes. He sat up and looked around. He smiled as Kris grabbed his hand. Kris pulled him into a hug and said, "Welcome back, Suho."

The members all rushed forward to give their leader a hug. They laughed and patted his back. As they looked back at the unconscious Lee So Man, D.O. walked forward and wanted to finish him off. Luhan stopped him, "No, don't kill him. He is still our creator nevertheless."

Suho asked, "Then what should we do with him?"

Luhan winked playfully and said, "I know exactly what to do with him."


The tree of life began to move as Suho buried the golden drop on top of the roots. The plant moved its limbs from side to side, and finally revived to its healthy stage. The members' symbols flashed as the tree made a final move, and became still again.

"We did it," Suho said.

"Yes, we finally saved the tree of life," Kris replied.

As they returned to the house, they noticed a commercial playing on the TV. It showed a man that resembled Lee So Man. He was promoting the upcoming SM Entertainment audition. Kai laughed and said, "I can't believe Luhan hyung would brainwash him, and put him as the CEO of SM Entertainment."

Luhan smiled and explained, "That is where he belong. It is better to have someone we know in charge. And I made him repay all the artistes the money that they deserve. You know, we have to debut as EXO in a few months. It is better to get prepared. Plus, if he doesn't cooperate, I will take care of that."

Sehun patted Luhan's shoulder and said, "I bet hyung will be his personal favorite then. You are so going to get all the parts in the songs. That's not fair!"

Luhan laughed and replied, "No birthday boy. I won't do that."

Kris interrupted and asked, "So what should we name our debut song?"

Suho gave it a thought and suggested, "How about Mama?"

"Mama?" The members asked. They nodded in unison and agreed that the name would be the best fit for their debut song.
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