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A Secret for Life (Part 1 of 2)

Kyuhyun is sitting on a bench under a tree named Swiss Pine. He lets the soft breeze messes his hair as a couple of strands touch his face. He looks around solemnly despite the beautiful landscape surrounding him. Tears slowly form in the corners of his eyes. Slowly, he mutters the name "Ryeowook" from his mouth. He looks at the empty seat beside him and...

"Kyuhyun! Can you please wake up?" Ryeowook shakes Kyuhyun in attempt to wake him up from his slumber. Kyuhyun finally opens his eyes and finds Ryeowook right in front of him. Ryeowook pouts and says, "How on earth can you fall asleep here? Anyways, it is your turn for the photoshoot." Ryeowook takes a seat beside Kyuhyun and retrieves a water bottle from his side.

Kyuhyun studies Ryeowook and suddenly remembers his dream. The dream is so vivid that he remembers every details of it. And a strong feeling of losing Ryeowook is ever so strong after the dream. He swallows hard and says concernedly, "Don't leave me Ryeowook."

Skeptically, Ryeowook side-glances at Kyuhyun. He replies, "I am right here by your side. I am not leaving until the photoshoot is done. Are you alright?" He tests Kyuhyun's forehead and is relieved to find the temperature the same as his. He notices the cameraman is getting impatient. He pushes Kyuhyun and reminds, "It is your turn. Don't let manager hyung get mad, okay?" Their famous manager is making his way towards the maknaes.

"Fine," Kyuhyun stands up and slowly ambles toward the cameraman. "I must have been too tired," Kyuhyun thinks to himself. He quickly dismisses any negative thoughts as he takes his place under the spotlight. He tries to put his smile on his face and poses for the pictures.

It is the photoshoot for the upcoming KRY album. Finally, the album is getting ready to be released in three weeks. After Yesung gets released from his military duty, he will join them in practicing. The album has been delayed since Kyuhyun's car accident in 2007. If the car accident did not happen in 2007, the album would have become reality already. But at least it is better late than never.

The photoshoot lasts for another two hours. After their individual shots, they finally are done for the day. Before Ryeowook steps into the manager's car with Kyuhyun, he cellphone flashes a notification from his kaokao talk. The message says, "Hyung, just to remind u that XiXue noona's farewell is today. Don't forget to stop by!"

Ryeowook smiles at his favorite dongsaeng Kyungsoo's message. He replies back and says, "I will come after the radio broadcast. Please wait for me." Kyuhyun peeks at Ryeowook's phone curiously as they settle into the car.

Kyuhyun remarks, "I can't believe you are going to that witch's farewell party."

Annoyed, Ryeowook retorts, "She is not a witch. XiXue noona has helped us before, don't you remember?"

"I have bad memory," Kyuhyun says simply. He looks out to the street and finds not a lot of cars are on the road.

Ryeowook shrugs and puts on his headphone. He opens up another app that shows a folder of lyrics. When the music starts to play, he starts to hum to it. It is one of the songs from their upcoming album. The song that he has longed for since his debut. It is his duet with Kyuhyun. The songwriter promises them a duet this time. It will have been released long time ago if not for the delay of the album. He is so excited that he can finally sing this song with Kyuhyun. He has been practicing hard for the song since he receives the demo version. Especially with the recording coming up next week, he has been taking extra measures to listen to the song every chance he can find.

The song is named "A Secret for Life". The songwriter Kenzie has told him that the song is about a forbidden love. Ryeowook has been taken aback that the story is quite similar to the one between him and Kyuhyun. He sometimes thinks the songwriter must have known something.

Ryeowook is totally absorbed into the song until Kyuhyun interrupts him. Kyuhyun taps his shoulder and takes off Ryeowook's earphone. He asks, "Are you listening to Kenzie's song again? How many times have you listened to it? You must have memorized by now that you can recite it in your sleep."

"I love the song," he steals the earphone back and ignores Kyuhyun. He turns his head toward the window and travels the rest of the journey in silence...


"I am back," Ryeowook announces as he steps into the dorm. It is almost 2:00 am, and the dorm is strangely quiet. Usually, Super Junior members will be making a scene at the dorm. However, it seems to be different that particular night.

Ryeowook removes his shoes and heads to his room. He puts down a box of cookies and takes off his jacket. He unwraps the box of cookies and quickly finishes half of the box. He sits before his laptop and browses the web. He is reading the comments on the Kiss the Radio website when Kyuhyun walks into his room. Kyuhyun takes a seat on Ryeowook's bed and asks, "You are still awake?" He throws curiously glances at the box of cookies and wonders, "What are those?"

"Cookies from the farewell party. They shaped like kittens, don't they?" Ryeowook continues to direct his attention towards his laptop.

Bored, Kyuhyun walks up to the table and snatches the cookies away. He quickly stuffs them into his mouth before Ryeowook can stop him. Angrily, Ryeowook shoots up from his chair and yells, "Hey! Those are my cookies!"

Kyuhyun quickly swallows and throws the empty box back at Ryeowook. He replies playfully, "They are all gone!" He walks out of the room and gets ready to head to the door.

"Cho Kyuhyun!" Ryeowook shouts and witnesses Kyuhyun exits the dorm. Ryeowook figures he must have gone down to the dorm below. He folds his arms across his chest and returns to his room...


Sunlight seeps through the curtain and wakes Kyuhyun from his sleep. He slowly opens his eyes and sits up from his bed. The giraffe plush toy beside him falls onto the floor as Kyuhyun jumps off the bed. He picks up the toy and puts it back on the bed. He walks into the bathroom and starts to brush his teeth. He is still extremely sleepy but tries to stay awake. He looks around until resting his pair of eyes to the mirror in front of him. His eyes suddenly become huge as he stares into the mirror. He drops the toothbrush and rinses his mouth clean immediately. He touches his face and screams at his reflection.

Knocks come from the door as Heechul asks from outside, "Ryeowook, are you okay? Did you fall into the toilet?"

Kyuhyun opens the door and replies weakly, "I am okay."

Heechul eyes Kyuhyun confusedly and answers, "You don't look okay to me." Heechul blinks several times to make sure his eyes are functioning properly.

Kyuhyun holds up both of his hands and replies, "I...I was.... I need to go." He exits the dorm and runs to the elevator. He mutters, "Kim Ryeowook. What have you done?"

The elevator finally opens and Kyuhyun steps in. He presses the close button and taps his feet impatiently. It seems a year has passed before the door opens again. Ryeowook is standing in front of the elevator and greets, "Hi, Kim Ryeowook." His hands are around his hip.

Kyuhyun steps out and pushes Ryeowook to the wall. He demands, "Can you please explain what just happened? How did we switch bodies?"

Ryeowook pushes back and answers, "I don't know. I woke up and I am in your body already. I don't know what happened either." Ryeowook bites his lips.

Clenching his right fist, Kyuhyun slowly says, "It has to be those cookies. We both ate them last night, and see what happened. I told you that XiXue is a witch! And you refused to believe in me." He steps on Ryeowook's right foot, causing Ryeowook to yelp in pain.

After the pain dies down, Ryeowook finally responds, "So what do you want me to do now? Fly to China to hunt down XiXue noona for the antidote? I don't even know where she is heading." Ryeowook frowns at the thought.

"Maybe your EXO favorites will know, since they hang out with the witch so much anyways," Kyuhyun offers impatiently.

Ryeowook scratches his head and says, "I can try, but I don't think it will work."

"Might as well murder Heebum and drink his blood. It might work," Kyuhyun suggests.

"What did I just hear?" Heechul appears from the elevator. He glares at Kyuhyun, who looks like Ryeowook now, and yells, "Kim Ryeowook! You cold-blooded monster! If my cat ever suffers from any consequence, I will count them on you. You hear me?"

Kyuhyun immediately apologizes, "Sorry hyung, I didn't mean it." He hides behind Ryeowook and wants to take back his words so badly...


Ryeowook takes a seat in front of the steering wheel. He inhales deeply as Kyuhyun takes a seat beside him. Ryeowook says, "Do I really have to drive?"

"If you want anybody to be suspicious, then you can step down. Better start the car now!" Kyuhyun shouts.

Ryeowook inserts the key and tries to start the engine. It takes him three tries before the car engine begins to run. He lets out a long breath and starts to turn the car down the road. He tries to find a way, until slamming on the brakes suddenly in front of a red light.

"I feel like I have died and become alive again," Kyuhyun remarks.

Ryeowook side-glances at Kyuhyun and asks, "You stole that line from Sungmin hyung, didn't you?"

Kyuhyun grunts and adds, "I thought you have gotten the driver license before we debut as K.R.Y.? Why do you drive like this? Be careful!" He points at a car in front.

Ryeowook stops just before hitting the car. He says slowly after the car starts moving again, "I think I will have an heart attack soon."

Kyuhyun shakes his head and demands, "Please drive safely and don't kill us both." He sits back and tries to catch his breath.

"I wonder why we have to meet Victoria at that deserted place. Can she pick a better date?" Ryeowook asks after turning a street corner.

Looking uneasy hearing Ryeowook mentioning Victoria's name, Kyuhyun replies, "It is better to get it done sooner than later. Just park right in front."

Ryeowook parks the car and jumps off the car. Before he can proceed, Kyuhyun grabs his wrist and says, "I will hide behind the pillar. Don't let her see me." He pauses and continues, "And don't say anything if you don't know what to say." He runs forward and disappears into the building.

Looking worried, Ryeowook enters the building and studies his surrounding. The building seems to be washout by a recent flood. He settles in front of a pillar and whispers, "Are you hiding behind?"

"Yes, and don't reveal me!" Kyuhyun reminds again.

"Ok," Ryeowook answers unwillingly. He tenses up as he hears footsteps approaching him. He turns around and finds Victoria walking up to him. She smiles weakly and greets, "Kyu, you are early."

"Hi Vic," Ryeowook replies. He looks around uneasily and remains silent.

Victoria looks upset upon hearing Ryeowook calling her by her English name. She asks, "So you don't call me by Qian'er anymore? Since when? Two weeks ago when you decided to break up with me?" She looks at Ryeowook melancholy.

Shocked by Victoria's revelation, Ryeowook widens his mouth. He finally finds his voice and says, "I am sorry Qian'er. But..." He trails off as he does not know what to say.

Victoria laments, "You know. I love the way you call my Chinese name. It makes me feel so special. But it is nothing compared the way you say 'Li Xu'."

Ryeowook trembles upon his own Chinese name. He brushes off the thought and says, "It is not the same, Qian'er. Ryeowook is my favorite member, but you are-"

"Your best girlfriend?" Victoria finishes the sentence for him. She looks at Ryeowook with sorrow and says, "But I can never match up to him. He is your lover. You love him with your life." She sniffs.

Ryeowook cannot believe what he hears. He immediately explains, "It is not what you think, Qian'er. Let me explain."

"There is no need for it. You have chosen him over me. And I have chosen Changmin over you," Victoria answers determinedly. She looks confidently at Ryeowook and adds, "I have tried both of you out, and I think he suits me better. Don't worry. I will never bother you again. Take this back." She puts a bracelet into Ryeowook's hand.

She then walks out of the building and drives her car away.

Stunned, Ryeowook remains still at his spot. He turns around when Kyuhyun walks out from the pillar. Kyuhyun shrugs and says slowly, "Now you know."

Ryeowook avoids Kyuhyun's intense gaze and answers, "What a surprise. But we better get going." He starts to walk away, before being pulls into Kyuhyun's embrace.

"No!" Ryeowook pushes Kyuhyun away. He looks Kyuhyun hurtfully and says, "We are over one year ago. We should have never ever started the relationship, and please don't start it again."

"Fine," Kyuhyun steps away from Ryeowook and walks toward the exit. He settles into the car and waits for Ryeowook.

Tears are rolling down Ryeowook's eyes as he stands alone inside the building. He regrets the decision of giving in to Kyuhyun three years ago. However, he also regrets the decision of breaking up with him. Broken, he collapses onto the ground and cries his heart out...


Kyuhyun turns the corner and enters the parking garage. He says, "We are home." He turns to look at Ryeowook and reminds, "You have to film Radio Star in two hours. Please clean up yourself and don't make a fool out of yourself. I need to preserve my image."

"And you better be careful on Sukira too," Ryeowook adds without looking back at Kyuhyun. He unbuckles his seatbelt and tries to open the door, until he finds out the door is locked. Kyuhyun pushes him back down and says, "Can you listen to me? Look at me." He turns Ryeowook's face.

A teary Ryeowook is staring back Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun looks away and remarks, "I don't cry like that. Can you not let your tears flow like the river?"

"So that's what you want to tell me? Fine!" Ryeowook wipes away his tears and sits straight up.

Kyuhyun slowly says, "No. I know what you are thinking. I broke up with Victoria two weeks ago. I never really love her. It is different."

"Why are you telling me this now? It is useless," Ryeowook takes out the bracelet and throws it at Kyuhyun. He unlocks the door and walks out of the car.

Kyuhyun stares at the back of Ryeowook and wonders what can be done to mend the broken relationship between them...


Ryeowook fixes his suit in front of the mirror. He touched his face and brushes the cheek. His finger slowly slides down to the lips. He closes his eyes as he is reminded by the passionate kiss he had with Kyuhyun last year. He cannot believe he is occupying the body of the man he loves so dearly.

Kim Gura's voice shatters Ryeowook's thoughts. He says, "Son, you look different today."

Ryeowook jumps from his seat and replies weakly, "No, I look exactly like I always do!"

Kim Gura studies Ryeowook's face and comments, "You look pale."

Ryeowook feels his racing heartbeat starting to slow down. He stares blankly at Kim Gura and says, "I am just worn out by the hectic schedule, but I am fine."

Kim Gura pats Ryeowook's shoulder and encourages, "We will be fine. Good show!" He enters the studio and leaves Ryeowook standing by himself.

Ryeowook gathers his thoughts and follows Kim Gura. In his mind, he cheers himself on, "Hwaiting Kim Ryeowook!"


Kyuhyun settles into the DJ chair and reads the script in front of him. He fixes the microphone in front of him and says into it, "Welcome to Ch-Kim Ryeowook's Kiss the Radio." The logo song plays as Kyuhyun tries to catch his breath.

The writer noona hands him another pile of script. He takes them and glances at the EXO K members around him. As usual, D.O. is sitting right next to him. He rolls his eyes and starts the broadcast, "We are extremely happy to have EXO K members with us today. Please greet our audience."

"Hana, dul, set. We are one. EXO K im-ni-da," they shout in unison.

Kyuhyun nods in approval. He says, "Please say greetings individually. Let's start with Suho-shi."

The show goes on, until when it gets to the Q&A section. Kyuhyun asks D.O.," D.O. shi, who is your favorite member in EXO K?"

D.O. looks around at his members and answers, "This is a tough one. Can I pass?"

Kyuhyun laughs and replies, "Ok, only if you answer to another question. Who do you think is my favorite member in Super Junior?"

"Definitely Kyuhyun shi!" D.O. answers energetically.

Kyuhyun smiles at the answer. He says, "Is it that obvious?"

Suho is the one who answers, "Most definitely!"


Ryeowook is sitting inside the kitchen when Kyuhyun returns to the dorm. He goes into the kitchen and asks curiously, "How was the recording today? Did you do anything funny?

"I didn't do anything to ruin your reputation. Is that good enough?" Ryeowook asks annoying. He sometimes hates how selfish Kyuhyun could get.

"I am hungry. Can you make me something to eat?" Kyuhyun looks into the messy refrigerator. He checks on the label of the milk bottle and finds that the expiration date has already passed.

Ryeowook stands up and answers, "If you want to eat, you better cook yourself. It is too fishy for Cho Kyuhyun to be cooking in the kitchen."

"What's fishy?" Heechul suddenly asks. His voice sends Kyuhyun and Ryeowook jumping from their spots.

Kyuhyun shakes his head and stutters, ""

Heechul stares at Kyuhyun and demands, "I am hungry Ryeowook. Make me something."

Kyuhyun swallows hard and suddenly bends his left arm. He yelps in pain and says, "I have hurt my hand after the radio broadcast. I don't think I can cook for the rest of the month!"

Ryeowook giggles and is silenced when he sees Heechul's suspicious face. He explains, "He must have been too excited seeing his EXO dongsaeng. Heechul hyung, let him slide this time."

"I don't need you to tell me what to do," Heechul replies annoyingly. He adds, "Fine! I will order Chinese food instead." He walks out of the kitchen.

"That was a good excuse," Ryeowook proclaims.

Kyuhyun calms his racing heartbeat and says, "Sooner or later, I will die from a heart attack!"

Ryeowook nods in agreement, "Same here."


"So why on earth are you in my room?" Ryeowook asks sitting on his head. He is hugging his Kiki giraffe toy tightly.

Kyuhyun eyes Ryeowook curiously and says, "Should I be asking you this question? This is my room, for your information."

"That's not fair!" Ryeowook gets up and prepares to walk out.

"Life is never fair," Kyuhyun flips the blanket and gets ready to sleep.

Unwilling to give up his room, Ryeowook returns to the bed and says, "I am staying in here tonight, whether you agree or not." He jumps onto the bed and lies down beside Kyuhyun.

"I don't think this is a good idea," Kyuhyun frowns.

"I don't care," Ryeowook says as he turns over and faces Kyuhyun with his back. He adds, "Good night."

Sitting up, Kyuhyun asks, "Can I say no to this?"

Ryeowook has already fallen asleep and is snoring. Kyuhyun drops his mouth opened and returns to his sleeping position. He listens to Ryeowook's breathing and suddenly is reminded of his dream. He is wondering if the dream predicts the future. As he ponders, he begins to drift to sleep...


"Ryeowook, if only you are here with me," Kyuhyun laments as he looks at the empty bench besides him. A tear rolls down from his eye...

"Rise and shine!" Heechul shouts as Kyuhyun is interrupted from his sleep. He looks around and finds Ryeowook nowhere to be found. He rubs his eyes and says, "Good morning, Hyung."

Heechul studies the giraffes in the room and comments, "It is practically a zoo in here. This is crazy!" He walks out with Heebum following him in the back. Before disappearing, Heebum looks back at Ryeowook's room and eyes Kyuhyun curiously. He then turns around and follows his master.

"I hate cats," Kyuhyun claims while stretching. He wonders what happened to Ryeowook. He figures he must have slipped out before dawn to avoid suspicion. He checks his cellphone and finds a message from Changmin. The message says, "Hey Kyu, the Kyuline meeting is tonight. Just want to remind you about that."

Kyuhyun hits his forehead and curses. He totally forgets about the Kyuline meeting. Ryeowook has been missing in action with Kyuline activities for months, and he has been persuading him to join ever since. But now, it is so inconvenient with him stuck in Ryeowook's body. It is going to be so awkward, especially with his breakup with Victoria. He curses again under his breath. He texts Ryeowook, "It is Kyuline meeting tonight. Can you please attend with me?"

Kyuhyun waits impatiently, until a message comes back saying, "Can I back out from it? I don't like to go."

Kyuhyun types back furiously, "Being the leader of Kyuline, you must go! Okay?"

"You are the leader, not me. I don't want to go!"

Kyuhyun sinks into the bed with frustration, and stomps out of the room. He finds Ryeowook standing in the kitchen. He throws a fit and demands, "You have to go tonight no matter what!"

Ryeowook crosses his arms across his chest and insists, "I say I am not going. What are you going to do about it?"

Sleepily, Donghae walks into the kitchen ignoring the quarreling maknaes as if it is one of the most usual things on earth. He yawns and asks, "What are you guys up to this time? Fighting about food?"

"No!" both of them shout. Ryeowook repeats, "I am not going for the hundredth time. You are not going to get what you want every time."

Enraged, Kyuhyun dashes out of the kitchen...


To be continued in Part II...
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