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The sky was getting darker and darker as the lone motorcycle on the road sped through the road. Luhan hugged Sehun's waist tightly when Sehun stepped on the pedal to accelerate. He rested his chin on Sehun's shoulder and attempted to memorize Sehun's scent in his memory.

They were from different mafia clans. Luhan's father headed one clan, while Sehun's father headed the other. Luhan's father was murdered by Sehun's father, in which each clan from the respective sides is trying to slaughter the heads off the others in attempt for revenge. Unfortunately enough for the clans that Sehun had fallen in love with Luhan. The clans’ members and police forces were now going after the two men. They decided to elope before too late, only to come to decide on challenging fate for one last time.

They arrived at an abandon building. They entered through an unlocked door. Luhan lighted the room and took out a revolver loaded with one bullet. He put the revolver on the desk and turned around to face Sehun. He said, "I will go first."

"No," Sehun fetched the revolver and said, "I will go first." He put the revolver against his left temple and fired a shot. It was an empty shot. He handed it to Luhan, in which Luhan took it with no emotions on his face. He followed suit, and was treated with another empty shot.

Luhan tensed as he fired the forth shot. The shot came up empty again. When Sehun attempted to snatch the revolver away from him, Luhan shouted, "No! Please don't."

Sehun hugged Luhan into a tight embrace and comforted, "It's going to be alright. It will be. Let me do this." He broke away with much difficulty. He finally fired the revolver, only to be pushed away at the last minute when Jongin jumped from behind. Jongin was shot at his arm and fell to the ground. "Jongin!" Sehun yelled.

Both Sehun and Luhan dropped to their knees to check on Jongin. Jongin bit his lips and said, "Go now, you both! The police and mafia are coming. You guys should flee!"

Sehun and Luhan exchanged a quick glance. Sehun whispered, "Thanks, Jongin." He grabbed Luhan's hand and ran back to the motorcycle. They disappeared into the unknown future as Jongin was left behind bleeding inside the empty building.


An extremely short piece, inspired by the song 飛女正傳 by Miriam Yeung
Tags: exo, hunhan
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