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All My Heart

“Li Xu!”

Ryeowook admitted to himself that he was shocked when he heard his own Chinese name being called suddenly by Donghae. All he knew were fans were cheering in the background. And he could not quite catch what Siwon blurted out shortly after.

He threw a side-glance at Kyuhyun standing beside him who had just finished singing his line, and noticed the happiness shining on Kyuhyun’s face. Ryeowook could not help but grinned when Kyuhyun was holding his microphone to his mouth a bit too long in a failed attempt of hiding the smile he was wearing.

He saw Kyuhyun moving towards Yesung’s side by a step. Just then, like a magic wave, Kyuhyun gestured him to move closer. After a slight hesitation, he gave in and stepped closer to the maknae…


He checked the time on his phone. In half an hour, the plane will be reaching Suvarnabhumi Airport. He leaned forward in his seat as he threw his curious glance to the left aisle to where Yesung was sitting by himself dozing off.

At the sound of a slight paper rattling and page turning, Ryeowook returned his focus to the boy sitting to his right. Unlike his usual habit where he would fall asleep or would engage into his gaming immediately after hopping onto the plane, Kyuhyun was reading. Actually, more like studying his script for his upcoming musical.

Ryeowook sighed softly to himself as he was reminded of the hectic schedule that Kyuhyun had been facing after he took over the main leading role in “The Three Musketeers”. Kyuhyun even had to go on diet just to be able to look in perfect shape for his performance. Well, he did promise Kyuhyun that he would be cooking him lots of wonderful meals after the musical is over. As for now, he would just be his personal “fruit-cutter” then.

Yesung’s soothing voice began to ring in his ears as he realized “All My Heart” was playing in his i-Pod. He has always liked this song since he first heard it. First of all, it was the creation of his beloved leader Leeteuk and the adorable Henry. And second…

His thoughts were cut off when he suddenly recalled the “All My Heart” performance just hours ago in Beijing. Since K.R.Y were to leave almost immediately to catch the flight to Thailand after the concert, he did not really have the chance to ask Donghae what was the shout of his name about. Although now he felt that wouldn’t it be too obvious, Donghae hyung? What if the fans and the world find out…

Ryeowook felt a sudden nudge at his arm and discovered Kyuhyun was staring at him intently. Kyuhyun asked, “Something bothering you?”

Ryeowook shook his head and whispered softly, “Not really, but I was just confused about something.” He paused, then added, “Oh, remind me to ask Donghae Hyung about something when we are back in Korea.”

Kyuhyun leaned back in his seat with a slight smirk formed on his lips as if he had found something interesting. He retorted amusingly, “So, you were bothered by that.” Then, he moved closer to Ryeowook and whispered, “If you really wanted to know, actually I was the one who told him to shout your name.”

“What?” Ryeowook’s eyes widened as he carefully tried not to raise his voice upon Kyuhyun’s revelation. But then, he wasn’t really all too surprised when he finally gave a thought to it. That witty mind of Kyuhyun almost came up with different little ideas every so often. And when he remembered how he caught Kyuhyun staring at him during the song performance, he finally grasped part of the picture.

After a moment of silence, Ryeowook uttered softly, “But why?”

Kyuhyun knew explanation would not be a wise thing to do right there. All he said were several short phrases, “Beige. Most dangerous place is the safest place. Lyrics.” After that, Kyuhyun returned his attention back to the script in front of him, as if he never carried a conversation with Ryeowook before.

Ryeowook knitted his eyebrows as his mind replayed Kyuhyun’s words.

Beige? Most dangerous place is the safest place? And lyrics? How would those answer his question?


So it almost took five hours this time. Kyuhyun thought to himself when he noticed Ryeowook was smiling sweetly back at him. The Friendship Concert had ended an hour ago, and the two of them could finally enjoy some quality time together. They bided Yesung Goodbye and made their way out of the hotel when Ryeowook whispered, “You know Beige noona has a boyfriend, but you just have to be jealous, don’t you?”

Kyuhyun shrugged as they made their way through the busy streets, searching for the massage shop that someone had recommended.

“And next time don’t make it too obvious, although what you said were true,” Ryeowook continued. The old saying of “Most dangerous place is the safest place” might hold some truth, or at least that’s what Ryeowook thought Kyuhyun was meaning. Maybe fans would just dismiss that as fanservice. Although Ryeowook self-reminded himself that the something between the two of them was never fanservice.

The famous smirk of Kyuhyun had found its way on its owner’s lips again, and Ryeowook knew that he was guessing it right. Ryeowook then waited and paused, when he finally heard Kyuhyun asked, “And?”

“I know. That’s my wish too.” Ryeowook replied sweetly. Ryeowook lowered his head a little, trying to hide his blush when Kyuhyun hummed the tune to his two lines in the bridge of “All My Heart” in a low tone.

To unfold my only crumble wish, within my wish, you and I may be together…


My first attempt to write a KyuWook fanfic.
Story inspired by SS3 Beijing All My Heart:
Tags: all my heart, kyuwook

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